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Atrium - This 14 meters high center-piece installation hangs in staircase atrium of a café in Fo Shan, China.  This hanging piece uses more than 3,000 Swarovski crystal beads to mimic a rainy scene.  38 Stainless steel birds with crystal beaks and wings fly gracefully through the space.Entrance Wall - A garden of purple and silver flower shines glaringly when you step inside this café in Fo Shan, China.   This eye-catching feature wall composes with custom-made thin glass color coated in different combination and highlighted the pistil and creates a starry wave with over 500 crystal balls.


Fo Shan, China


Café Atrium & Entrance Wall


Atrium - 2M x 1.2M x 15M (H) Entrance wall - 9M x 7M (H)
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