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The perfect light fixture not only illuminates a space but it is also a beautiful, decorative design element. Design duo Sonia Chan and Grace Yue believed this when they founded and created the Hong Kong-based interior decorative lighting company Duo Dots Design. Their ingenious and bespoke products vividly portray that lighting is the perfect piece of art to beautify any room.

Duo Dots Design  focuses on custom design lighting fixtures and installation with distinctive handmade production, tailor-made for individual commercials, restaurants and clubs. With over 10 years of custom lighting design experience, we work together to grow a  business with integrity and wishing to highlight the beauty of craft and value in design skills.


Duo Dots Design is passionate to providing the public an aesthetic application of quality lighting….. as practical art.


Duo Dots Design work closely with client’s theme and budget and yet create playful, versatile, practical item. We dedicate to shape; change how we perceive the characteristics of a space.

Why Duo Dots

We consider, concern and work with you
We can customize our design and products to enhance your brand image
Our experience in projects – interior, architects, commerce spatial lighting design

2022 Duo Dots Design

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