DDD products 1

The perfect light fixture not only illuminates a space but it is also a beautiful, decorative design element. Design duo Sonia Chan and Grace Yue believed this when they founded and created the Hong Kong-based interior decorative lighting company Duo Dots Design. Their ingenious and bespoke products vividly portray that lighting is the perfect piece of art to beautify any room.

Being a conceptual design-driven company that creates notable and appealing interior lighting sources, Duo Dots Design blurs the lines between fantasy and reality with their playful designs. “We are a fantasy laboratory—where our ideas come to life,” says Yue. This company’s varied creations are both sculptural and artful, whether or not they are illuminated. This is translated from a solid educational background in interior lighting and fashion design, as well as a long history in working extensively with architects on custom projects.

Not only does Duo Dots Design have an established catalogue of handmade lighting products but they also have the skill-set to adapt their designs for various projects affiliated with architects and decorators. The result is an array of lighting sources that are airy and romantic, organic and futuristic, geometric and innovative—all lending a dramatic touch to any room.

From conception and process to completion of products, this design duo endeavours to sustain the beauty of craft and value in design skills with the utmost quality and care. The designers’ attention to detail and unique design sense make this company shine. Their inspiration? “The world—and nature—surrounding us,” says Chan.

Without a doubt, Duo Dots Design is dedicated to providing the public proper application of quality lighting…as art.